Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template

Melon– a new
premium flat & responsiveAdmin Template based
Bootstrap 3with very
flexible content structure. It is build with
modern techniques like
HTML5 and CSS3to be used for backend solutions of
any size. Melon is
lightweight, fast and features an expandable set
of components suitable for many needs on a variety of devices. It
has a
clean, modern and intuitive designwhich makes your
next project look awesome and yet user-friendly.

Colors Possible

Unique Charts

Organized & Documented Code

Responsive Tables

Fullscreen Date- and Timepicker

Login-, Sign Up- and “Password Forgotten”-Pages

  • Based on Twitter
    Bootstrap 3
  • Clean, modern, intuitive and fully responsive flat style design
    (works on
    all major browsers, tablets and phones)
  • Build with
    valid HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript
  • CSS built with
    LESS(LESS is included)
  • Fixed and Unfixed Header/ Sidebar
  • Show/ Hide/ Resize Sidebar
  • Two Sidebar Themes:
    Bright & Dark
  • Developer Friendly Code
  • Icons

    • Font Awesome
    • Glyphicons
    • Fugue
  • Open Sans Google Font
  • Interface Elements
    • Sidebar Search
    • Project Switcher
    • Notifications
    • Modals (incl. Bootbox)
    • Progressbars
    • Alerts
    • Multiple Widget Layouts
    • Labels & Badges
    • Tooltips & Popovers
    • Date-, Time- and Colorpicker (incl. fullscreen Date- and
    • 7 Button Colors: grey, blue, cyan, green, yellow, red,
    • Mini-, Small-, Large- and Block-Buttons
    • Button Dropdown/-ups
    • Tabs (Box- and Inline Tabs (top, bottom, left, right) &
    • Sliders (jQuery UI and Circle Dials)
    • Nestable Lists
    • Styled Typography
  • Form Elements

    • Default text input fields with placeholder, autofocus, on hover
      tooltip, read only, disabled, with maximum length and predefined
    • Textarea with fixed height, autogrowing and limited/ counter
    • Styled Dropdowns with Search
    • Spinner: simple number input, decimal, currency, …
    • Styled Checkboxes and Radios
    • WYSIWYG Editor
    • Integrated Validation Engine
    • Horizontal & Vertical Forms
    • Masked Inputs
    • Dual List Boxes
  • Integrated Flot Charts

    • Lines
    • Bars (vertical and horizontal)
    • Pies
    • Auto Updating Charts
    • Chart Widgets
    • With Tooltips
  • Tables

    • Static Tables
    • Dynamic/ Managed Tables (DataTables)
    • Responsive Tables
    • Striped, bordered, hoverable, condensed, checkable Tables
    • Tables with Footer and Pagination
  • Typography

    • Headings and Default CSS-Stylings
    • Left and Right Blockquotes
    • Emphasys Styles
    • List Styles
    • Horizontal & Vertical Descriptions
  • And much more…

By purchasing this item you get a lifetime of updates for my
Admin Template (without any extra cost). If you want to see any new
feature in Melon, just let me know and I will give my very best to
include your feature in the next update. I love to hear your
feedback and appreciate any comments on my items. Support for all
my themes and templates is conducted through my .


Note: If you want to rate this item with less than 5 stars,
please contact me. I will try my best to fix and update all your
point of criticisms. Your contentment is very important for

Version 2.0.0 (22 April 2014)

  • Features:

    • New:Updated to
      Bootstrap 3.1.1
    • New:Added ribbons
    • Bugfixes:

      • Fixed z-index issue from DatePicker
      • Form Wizard: It does not validate the form anymore, if clicked
        index from step buttons is lower than active index
      • Allow clearing select-box in a DataTable with ColumnFilter
      • Prevent toggling disabled checkbox if the ‘toggle all checkbox’
        was clicked
      • Multiple Textareas with Character Counter are now possible on
        the same page
      • Styling for a Bootstrap 3 List-Group Inside a Boxed Widget With
      • Dual Lists weren’t submitting their value (thanks
      • Printed Pages from Firefox have no borders anymore
      • Google Street View and zoom in/ out buttons are now displaying
        correctly in Google Maps Widgets
      • Fixed border from search at DataTables in Internet Explorer
      • Version 1.2.0 (11 November 2013)

        • Features:

          • New:Form Wizard
          • New:404 Error Page
          • New:Bootstrap Switch (“iOS checkboxes”)
          • DataTables are now supporting the ColumnFilter-plugin with the
            use of data-columnFilter=’{}’-attribute
          • Improved checkable DataTables with pagination: Master toggle is
            now switching into the correct state when pagination was used
          • DataTables can now be extended with a function which you can
            set with data-dataTable-function=”” (thanks karlfalconer!)
          • Adding support for .table-vertical-align
          • Header Top Left Menu is now responsive and can be shown on
          • Bugfixes:

            • Removed accents in filenames
            • Fixed sidebar with left whitespace after resizing the window
              when the sidebar was resized
            • Widget-header toolbar-buttons were sometimes 1px too high in
            • Input-icons at login are now hiding correctly when switching to
            • Bootbox does not have double scrollbars anymore
            • Fixed jQuery Validation resetForm()-function
            • TableTools and ColVis can now be used together
            • Tabs inside tabs are now possible
            • Typing on focus at select2-boxes is now working in Chrome
            • Improved validation on vertical forms

            Version 1.1.0 (15 September 2013)

            • Features:

              • Login has now built-in validation
              • Full featured Google Maps Widgets
              • Zoomable Charts with Overview
              • “Display Length” from DataTables can now configured via
              • attribute directly in HTML

              • Added Horizontal Scrolling example and possibility for
              • attribute

              • Added data-dataTable=”{}” attribute for DataTables to set
                something like an ajax-
              • source directly in HTML

              • Removed Underscore.js and switched to Lo-Dash (resulting in
                faster page load)
              • Multiple Project Switcher are now possible
              • Added Slim Progress Bars (like on YouTube) for Ajax-Requests or
                similiar (using )

              • Bugfixes:

                • Removed accents in filenames
                  • assets/img/icons/iconsweets/is2(white|dark)/exposé.png to
                • Added if-clause in app.js for $.cookie
                • Fixed displaying white space instead of sidebar on
                  Android-tablets (only landscape) with Chrome
                • Headers from DataTables on resize are now aligning
                • Selects are now styling correctly with an ajax-source in
                • Fixed some IE8-issues

                Version 1.0.0 (3 September 2013)

                • Initial release

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Melon – Flat & Responsive Admin Template

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